The mango quality "Alphonso" enjoys the reputation to be worldwide the number one of all mango sorts existing. "Alphonso" is the best quality (ap.17 to 19 brix and 0,4 % acid) for any juice-, yogurt- or icecream manufacturer.

We also supply mangopulp
"Kesar" with ap. 17-19 Brix, and 0,50 % acid, PH smaller 4.5.

A new aseptic equipment (after the "HACCP Norm certified") for fresh fruits in India enables the most updated processing. For export USA special certification after NOP regulations are possible.

Our mangopulp is filled in barrels with ap. 220 kg!
A 20 foot container contains ap.17 tons!

Harvest is: for "Alphonso" May/June and "Kesar" June/July